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How To Invest In Brazil
Learning how to invest in Brazil can be exciting. Brazil is one of the strongest Latin American countries and offers investors a tremendous growth opportunity. Most key strengths for investment in Brazil come down to a deep involvement in high-demand commodities, such as energy. At a market capitalization of approximately $176.6 billion, Petroleo Brasileiro is one of the largest oil players in the area.
Brazil’s Finance Market is on the Rise. Another area where Brazil is beneficial is in financial services to its residents, which stands to benefit from strong economic growth, around four to five percent according to some researchers. It emphasizes economic growth in the Brazilian financial services system and provides some consolation to know that people will continue to require such services. Additionally, Brazil's currency has usually remained relatively stable, which instills confidence into the buyer’s looking to invest in Brazil.
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Economic information of Franchising in Brazil

Franchising in Brazil


Survey shows that the Franchise sector has been growing in the country in large scale. Notethat the year of 2010 the franchising business represented 2,1% of the Brazilian GDP.

Below there is a graph showing the GDP Growth x Franchise Business Growth:

It is important to mention that the Brazilian economic growth has impacted the country´s social mobility. Therefore, the lower class (the poorest ones) has increased their income; as a result they have improved their purchasing parity power.

Note in the graph below that the lower class has decreased 5% while the middle class has increased 4%.

The revenue has reached R$ 75,987 billion which is approx. U$ 48 billion.

Exchange rate: U$1,00 = R$1,592 (April, 2011)

The growth by sector in 2010 is shown below:

Brazil is the 4º biggest vehicles producer and the 5º biggest consumer computer market.

The Segments Participation is shown below:



Imigracao para o Canada para empresarios - from marcelo toledo on Vimeo.

Imigracao para o Canada para empresarios -